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Make sure to always keep A+D or Aquaphor ointment on your tattoo, as letting it dry out will cause larger scabs to be produced. This may cause your tattoo to lose color as they crack and peel. A thin layer of ointment should be applied with clean hands at an average of 3-6 times a day to keep it moisturized. The tattoo should be washed 2-3 times a day, or whenever it becomes dirty. Until the tattoo is healed, you cannot go in a lake, the ocean, a pool, or take a bath. Do not tan or receive prolonged exposure to the sun without covering it.

Take care of your new tattoo

•   Use Listerine 3-5 times a day and reapply every time you eat, drink or smoke for the first three weeks

•   Tongue piercings can sometimes be changed within 2 weeks after healing, or longer if necessary  

•   Lip piercings can be changed within two months like non-oral piercings  

•   Labret piercings (or your lower lip) require both the care of oral and non-oral piercings

Aftercare for your piercing

You should clean your piercing with any unscented hand soap 2-3 times a day for the first 3 months. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any Vaseline-based products on your piercing. Make sure to wash your hands before cleaning or touching your piercing.

Quality care for your oral piercing

Please call if you have any questions about the aftercare of your tattoo, piercing or oral piercing.

We do not perform laser tattoo removal.

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