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All Piercings $45 Everday


We do $45 piercings all day, every day!

Tattoos are a fantastic way to properly express yourself, capture memories, celebrate events or people, and show off your personal style in a way that is as unique and interesting as you are. Our artists do everything from text and minimal designs to full color portraits. Stop in today and check out some of our latest designs from our very talented artists. Choose one or multiple designs you like and we'll completely transform it into a custom design, making sure you walk out of our shop with something the nobody has never seen before.

Let your true colors show with a new tattoo

•   July 18th, 2015: Bacon and Brew - Danbury, CT

•   September 12th, 2015: American on Tap Craft Beer Festival - Danbury, CT

•   October 17th, 2015: October Harvest Jam - Danbury, CT

Clean and safe piercings

Adding a piercing is a great way to accentuate a feature, include a special piece of jewelry, or make a statement. Come visit us at any of our upcoming events to get a piercing, and Danbury Tattoo & Piercing of Danbury, CT merchandise! We do 20 piercings for cash only and you must be 18 or older.

Make sure you check out our upcoming events!

Our artist provides you not only expert piercing but also great follow-up tips and care for best long-term results.

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