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Jasmine Fay

Jasmine was born in Danbury, CT. And grew up around her parents both being tattoo collectors, this influenced her to quickly being to practice any and all forms of art work. In the beginning of her teenage years, Jasmine grew a large interest in the world of body modification and tattoo work. She began to hunt for a local apprenticeship opportunity. Right before she turned 19 Jasmine met Filipe and Eric Chapman, who were willing to bring her into the shop to teach her to pierce as well as tattoo.


Over the past few years Jasmine traveled to different local towns and has worked with many other artists. She has now been a tattoo artist and piercer for just under 10 years and is licensed certified. Jasmine enjoys working with but is not limited to, Black and grey pin up and day of the dead style women, Black and grey style realism, as well as bright colored animal pieces, Traditional Japanese theme large scale pieces, both color and black and grey, as well as the more abstract watercolor pieces, or painted style flowers. Jasmine enjoys to be challenged to try things outside of the box, lets her work speak for itself and prides herself in her customer service, she will do all possible to meet her clients needs, please feel free to contact the shop to book an appointment with her or call ahead for a walk in!

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have! Or email us at danburytattoo@gmail.com

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